Olivia Palermo To Replace Alexa Chung At RAFW?

Last week sources confirmed that Alexa Chung would be arriving in Australia on Tuesday (tomorrow) to attend Fashion Week in Sydney, however according to Alexa Chung that isn’t actually the case:

Is it a public relations bungle, phantom tweet to get us off the scent, or just another classic case of Celebrity-sans-rolodex?

Yesterday, The Telegraph’s fashion reporter Elle Halliwell wrote:

“…the likelihood of getting the model on a plane looked slim… [An] insider can reveal it’s now more likely to be one of her MTV counterparts, socialite Olivia Palermo, who actually appears.

Australian fashion editors are disappointed, but not surprised Chung won’t be attending Fashion Week.”

Who knows – fashion is fickle.

Olivia Palermo is that expensive bitch from The City.

She’s pure evil. And amazing.

Photo by Stephen Lovekin via Getty