Get Ready To Sob Into The Couch ’Cos Old People’s Home Is Back With Teens Instead Of Toddlers

old people's home for teenagers ABC new season

The award-winning and heart-melting show Old People’s Home For Four-Year-Olds is back in a new format for its third season. This time the show is pairing together older Aussies with a group just as tumultuous as toddlers — teenagers.

A bunch of 4-year-olds hooning around and making friends with a heap of elderly people was possibly the cutest telly we’ve seen in years. But tightening the age gap a touch and bringing in a cast of Gen Z kids to meet a new group of seniors is going to be a new kind of wholesome.

This new season is backed by the knowledge that seniors and teens have been the hardest hit with loneliness and depression over the pandemic lockdown years.

The show’s geriatrician Dr Stephanie Ward said it was a privilege to see teenagers and older Australians discover more about themselves throughout the five-week experiment.

“We’ve all seen the magic, joy and fun that can result from combining older adults with pre-schoolers, but what has struck me with the experiment this time around is the depth and strength of the connections that have developed between the teenagers and older adults,” she said.

“With this experiment, we have been privileged to witness an amazing demonstration of reciprocal learning in action, and how, by spending time together, the two generations shine a light on talents and strengths that each perhaps didn’t recognise in themselves.”

Oh God, I can already tell this is going to make me piss tears. There is no way I’m getting out of this without absolutely sobbing on the couch at least once.

Old People’s Home For Teenagers kicks off at 8.30pm on August 30 on ABC and you can catch up with seasons one and two on ABC iView.