O.J. Simpson has shot down the long-running rumour that he is Khloe Kardashian’s biological father, saying “I’d be proud if I had anything to do with” her pregnancy, “but I don’t.”

Speaking to a TMZ cameraman in Las Vegas, Simpson said congratulations were in order for Khloe’s pregnancy announcement, but asserted he was only connected to the Kardashian family through his friend and lawyer Robert Kardashian.

“For Bob, god bless his soul, yeah. But I don’t know from me. I don’t think from me – I had nothing to do with it,” Simpson said.

“Khloe and the girls were all terrific girls when they were growing up, nice and terrific. And I think today they’re still nice and terrific.” 

Simpson was represented by Khloe’s father Robert during the 1994 murder trial over the death of his wife Nicole Simpson Brown. Simpson was famously acquitted.

Speculation has run rampant for a number of years that Simpson is Khloe’s biological father. Proponents of the theory point to Simpson’s close friendship with Robert and his then-wife Kris Jenner, and the fact both couples took holidays and partied together.

Khloe herself has long denied the rumour, slamming one of Robert’s later wives for claiming he wasn’t her father.

The possibility of a paternity test has also been an occasional point of interest on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Khloe is expecting her first child with Cleveland Cavaliers basketballer Tristan Thompson.

Source: TMZ
Image: Pool / Getty