The Harry Potter phenomenon will never die, tbh, and the recent release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a testament to the enduring charm of the world J.K. Rowling created way back in ’97. 

Oh Dear Lord, Could ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Be A Voldemort Origin Story?

Surprisingly, though, reviews of Fantastic Beasts have been mixed, and the film has been somewhat of a box office disappointment in comparison to other Rowling-based features – scraping in a measly 200 mill worldwide thus far. 

Critics and audiences alike have been questioning the necessity of another franchise that exists within the Potterverse, but is relatively disconnected from the core material. Yet with recent hints that the narrative could ultimately serve as a Voldemort origin story, this spin-off has become v v exciting indeed.

Oh Dear Lord, Could ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Be A Voldemort Origin Story?

The timeline alone is telling. The first Fantastic Beasts film starts in 1926, and the final installment will allegedly be in 1945. World War vibes? Perhaps. But more importantly, 1926 is old mate Voldy’s year of birth, and 1945 is when Voldy completed his final year at Hogwarts and also when Dumbledore infamously duelled it out with the OG evil wiz, Grindelwald

We already know that Grindelwald will feature in the franchise, with Johnny Depp controversially being cast in the role. It makes perfect sense for Voldemort’s origins to be unpacked too, considering he stepped up to the plate as the Dark Lord once Grindelwald was defeated.

J.K. loves a good foreshadow, so this evidence can hardly be coincidental.  And who wouldn’t be keen for a Tom Riddle comeback? Maybe a glimpse of toddler Voldy? Awwww. 

Source: Vanity Fair.

Image: The Telegraph.