If there was ever a reality TV show that deserved a full-on retrospective, it’d have to be The Hills: by and large, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Audrina Partridge, Spencer Pratt and Justin Bobby Brescia formed a show that kinda revolutionised the narrative reality TV thing. 

Oh, they also did it while we were growing TF up, so ~excuuuse~ us if we feel some nostalgic attachment to LC & crew.

OG Queen Lauren Conrad Returns For ‘The Hills’ 10th Anniversary Trailer

So, when word came out that MTV would be chucking a 10 year anniversary special, we drenched ourselves in words unspoken  got absolutely hyped, and that feelin’ has returned with full force now the first informatively-titled trailer for The Hills 10th Anniversary Special: That Was Then, This Is Now has arrived. 

It’s been deemed “an exclusive special with Lauren Conrad”, which doesn’t bode well for the presence of all of ’em.  

Regardless, she explains “so often we would say if you knew the real story, you would understand. And what I’d like to do is tell that story…

And then we’re going to reveal things that we haven’t talked about before.”

After so long off air, we can only hope she / they dig up some srs dirt for the OG fans, but y’all find out for sure when the spesh comes out on Sunday, August 7. Watch the full trailer right here, and pine for the days when transferring your negative vibes into crystals seemed like a good idea. 

OG Queen Lauren Conrad Returns For ‘The Hills’ 10th Anniversary Trailer

Source and photo: MTV.