Nude 16 Year Old Cover Star Causes Controversy

Stab Magazine is consistently hilarious but according to the mainstream media and local MP’s there’s nothing funny about a near-nude 16 year old posing on your cover.

The controversy was sparked after 16 year old Kingscliff resident Ella Rose Corby appeared nude on Stab’s latest issue with strategically placed limbs partially obscuring her modesty.

According to the SMH Online “the move has been criticised in both modelling circles and in Ella’s home town, with local MP Justine Elliot labelling it “inappropriate.””

Stab defended its decision by saying “the lines were blurred” and that teenage models were “moving into womanhood and they know it”. A writer from the magazine, Mike Jennings, went on to note that “You can leer at the 16-year-old as you would an adult woman, so long as you’re ignorant…Once you become aware of their age you must look away.”

Sydney based fashion magazine Russh attracted similar controversy last year when then 16 year old model Zippora Seven appeared topless in an 18 page editorial.