NT Bloke Finds WWII Bomb, Parades It Around In Ute For “Show And Tell”

It’s been way, way, wayyyyy too bloody long since we last heard a cracker yarn emanating from that wonderful microcosm of all things ‘Strayiana, the Northern Territory. To the point where we were beginning to worry that things had settled down into some sense of normality.

And then we heard this.
As it turns out a bloke by the name of Damien Lumsden – a mud crab fisherman by trade – was clearing out a crabbing track following cyclone damage near Milingimbi, which is about 440km east of Darwin. The areas had been hammered by a pair of cyclones – Lam and Nathan – that made landfall back in February in March.
Whilst clearing the area out, Lumsden came across the wreckage of an Australian WWII plane. Looking underneath it, he found the still-unexploded bomb that had been sitting there since the war ended many moons ago.
The discovery of the bomb isn’t particularly uncommon. Japanese forces attacked the area during World War II some 60-odd times, and remote and rugged areas of the top end are still littered with war debris.
Ordinarily, finding an unexploded bomb would be cause for some concern, you’d think, and would usually result in a phone call to the authorities as a first instinct.
Except in this case, Lumsden decided to lump it into the back of his ute and parade it around town to show off to people.
As you do.
After a couple of days however, people started to get a bit wary. Y’know, of the bloke casually pithing around town with an unexploded World War II bomb rattling around in his tray. And that’s when police were called it to confiscate the bomb, before the military subsequently detonated it.

As for what Lumsden had planned for the weapon if he had been allowed to keep it?

“It would have been good to keep on the mantle piece.”

Of course. Just bung it up there on the mantle. Right next to that card you got from Nan last Christmas, your B&S Ball stubby holder collection, and your 2003 Katherine Reserves Goal Kicking trophy. Really would’ve tied the whole room together.

Don’t ever change, NT.
via ABC News.