ICYMI, your great mates Hamish & Andy’s newest show ‘True Story’ premiered last night – and it’s been basking in the glow of very favourable reviews.

Nova Radio Host Accuses Hamish & Andy Of Stealing His Idea For ‘True Story’

If you didn’t catch it, picture Drunk History… only sober. And with a much higher production value.

But the show’s big debut been marred by weird claims Andy Lee “stole” the idea from fellow radio presenter, Nova host David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral.

Old mate Luttsy claims he told Andy about a show he planned to pitch to TV networks called ‘Cracking Yarns’ (we won’t go there) back in 2014, and that he and Nova co-host Ash Bradnam had even filmed a pilot with Nine.

According to him, True Story – which sees everyday Aussies share a pub yarn with Hamish & Andy, who then recreate it with their comedic mates –  is “word for word” the idea they discussed over a tipple in NYC.

“I’m just throwing it out there,” he said during the segment on ‘Ash, Kip and Luttsy’, which is Brisbane’s Nova 1069 brekkie show. “Ash, you were part of the pilot we did. I’d half shot that pilot and then other things have taken over so I haven’t actually completed it.”

Nova Radio Host Accuses Hamish & Andy Of Stealing His Idea For ‘True Story’

This reeks of a tall tale, tbh, and Channel Nine have blasted the allegations of plagiarism as totally false.

Radio Karate [True Story’s production company] have confirmed that the format for the program True Story with Hamish & Andy was conceived, and was in development by Radio Karate, over a year before Andy and Luttsy met for a drink in New York.”

True Story > Cracking Yarns thnx.

[In unrelated but no-less-important news, here’s Hamish’s baby son Sonny being the cutest lil’ puddin’ ever. Enjoy!]

Catch True Story at 7.30pm Mondays on Channel Nine.