Deciding that they are fed up with konstant koverage of the Kardashian klan, NOVA‘s afternoon drive-time hosts Kate, Tim & Marty have declared that their show will be a Kardashian-free zone from now on. 

That’s right, no more Khloe Kardashian, no more Kourtney Kardashian, no more Kris, Kylie, Kendall or any other satellite Kardashians, and especially no more Kim Kardashian.

Get all those Kardashians out of your system, people, because from now on, NOVA ‘s afternoons will be a Kardashian-free zone. Got it? No. More. Kardashians. 

Nova Declares It Will Be A Kardashian-Free Zone, Unless One Of Them Dies

Similar to the morning TV host who flipped earlier this year and begged for no more stories about Kylie Jenner, Marty Sheargold made the pronouncement yesterday afternoon, during a report on Lamar Odom‘s condition. 

As subtlety and drive-time radio are not two concepts that can ever happily co-exist, he may have gone slightly overboard, telling listeners the only time he cares to hear about the famous family again is if of them happens to drop dead. 

He said:

“That’s what I’ve proposed to the team. I said as a show, let’s stop talking about these people, because they’re awful, awful human beings, the Kardashians. We’ve talked about them enough … Unless we’re covering off the death of one of them. As I always say, it’s a funeral I’d attend to make sure they’re dead.”

Yikes. Listeners then joined in the Kardashian konversation, calling and Tweeting in their kondemnation for the family, who represent “what is wrong with the world.”

The one flaw in their plan is that if everyone stops talking about the Kardashians, then how the hell are we going to talk about how we’re not talking about the Kardashians anymore?

We apologise for this interruption to your regular Karashian koverage, which will pick up again soon.

via News Korp
Photo: Steve Granitz via Getty Images