Nominations Open For Bachelorette of the Year

To borrow a quote from the great Beyonce, All the single ladies put your hands up! Today Pedestrian is launching a nation-wide search for Australia’s most talented, accomplished, ambitious, beautiful single women: the inaugural Bachelorette of the Year styled by TIGI Bed Head.

Nominations are open today, so if you know any rad ladies who fit the description above and deserve to be celebrated for their incredible skills, go forth and dob them in, or if YOU are an Eligible Bachelorette you can (and should) nominate yourself to go in the running for the title.

When nominating, the most important thing to remember is that the Bachelorette of the Year search is NOT a bikini contest or a rose dispensing reality dating show. We’re looking for Australian women who have more to offer than just a pretty face: fabulous all-rounders who inspire and raise the bar for everyone through their many talents, accomplishments and winning personalities.

There will be two awards, the The Bed Head “Readers Choice” Award as well as 2012 Pedestrian.TV Bachelorette of the Year (voted for by a panel of judges) and prizes include a trip to New York City.

Go Nominate a Bachelorette or Yourself now at