Noah Schnapp (AKA Will Byers) has absolutely roasted his Stranger Things castmate Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) on Instagram after he posted a liiiittle bit too early about season four volume two dropping.

Look, I get it: I’m keen as fuck too.

Wolfhard uploaded a cute little Insta post full of behind the scenes pics from the set of Stranger Things season four volume two.

They’re adorable and I’d highly recommend having a scroll through to ease the heart pains which will undoubtedly be caused by the Stranger Things finale.

VOL. 2 is out now. Let’s do it one more time,” Wolfhard captioned the post, with a cute ‘lil heart emoji to boot. 

But Wolfhard was slightly too early: he dropped the post a couple of hours before Stranger Things was due to land on Netflix.

Now he’s been fully roasted in the comments. We’ve all been there!

The funniest response came from Schnapp, who commented: “two more hours but love the effort”. 

Finn Wolfhard Copped A Full Roasting From Noah Schnapp For Posting About Stranger Things Early

I would simply love to see Will throw this level of sarkiness at Mike on the show. Duffer Brothers, let’s make it happen.

At the time of writing, Schnapp’s comment racked up more than 63,000 likes. There’s nothing like a bit of light banter between co-stars.

A number of fans also commented on the post saying they thought the season had been released early.

WHAT IT’S NOT OUT YET 😭,” one person wrote. 

Quite a few people commented one of the most iconic Stranger Things catchphrases back at Wolfhard: “friends don’t lie”.

Now season four volume two has officially landed on Netflix, Noah Schnapp followed up with his own perfectly-timed Insta post.

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Honestly as long as this cast keep posting adorable BTS posts, I’m happy if they occasionally send half the world into a spiral at the thought of an early season drop.

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Image: Netflix / Stranger Things