Lil Xan & Noah Cyrus Spark Dating Rumours By Quarantining Together After Fkn Messy Breakup

noah cyrus lil xan

Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan have just reunited so it looks like *checks notes* we believe in love again… maybe.

What we no for sure is that Lil Xan and Noah are at least on friendly terms after they were spotted driving around LA on Friday afternoon in Xan’s Mercedes G Wagon. It’s unclear why exactly the pair were hanging out again, but it appears they gave very little fucks about California’s strict Stay At Home order.

Given the state’s strict Stay at Home order, this could be a sign that the former couple are isolating together.

Xan opted for a rap squat in his house, while Noah took to her story to announce that she’s binge watching the 159 best episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

“Corona virus is probably the most lonely thing lol how are you guys coping with it ?” He captioned the post.

Honestly, these two were up there on the list of least likely couples to ever reunite.

Their tumultuous relationship began back in February of 2018 after Lil Xan slid into Noah’s DMs. But unfortunately by September of the same year, the couple broke up over a fake nude meme of Charlie Puth’s head on a pornstar’s body. It was a truly wild time for everyone involved. The breakup was incredibly messy and played out all over social media for us all to watch.

But it didn’t just stop with the breakup, Lil Xan also claimed his then-fiancee was pregnant with their first child just five months after his breakup with Noah. The couple broke up just weeks later after Xan’s then-fiancee reportedly lost the baby.

A year after the initial breakup Cyrus called it a “mistake,” but it looks like its a mistake she could be willing to make again.

Fast-foward to 2020 and Lil Xan is again linked to Noah. Now 23 and 20 respectively, Lil Xan and Noah appear to be enjoying each other’s company again as slightly more mature adults.

The relationship is yet to be confirmed or denied by either party, but it’s hard to imagine they’d be driving around together in the midst of the Californian coronavirus lockdown if they weren’t seeing each other again.

Maybe they’re just friends. But maybe, just maybe, this means they’re back together. We can only hope, right?