AWFUL NEWS: Your BF Noah Centineo Is A Fuccboi, According To Busy Philipps

We hate to break it to ya but it turns out your TV boyfriend Noah Centineo is not only dating other girls, but is also ghosting other girls, actress Busy Philipps alleges.

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Both stars were special guests on Wednesday’s episode of James Corden’s TheLate Late Show when the unfortunate revelation was made, according to a report via TMZ,

In the episode, Philipps allegedly calls the Netflix star out on ghosting a friend of hers.

“[Noah] had completely stopped talking to a friend of hers, whom he’d apparently been chatting up,” the report reads.

Sneaky sources told the gossip mongers that the convo went a little longer than the clip that aired on TV as Noah’s PR hustled to ensure that the awkward convo didn’t soil his good boi image.

Interestingly, the only footage from the entire interview that can be found online is this clip of the pair showing off their old head shots but the vid where Busy exposes Noah is nowhere to be found.

Albeit the ep only just aired so it’s possible that the team at the The Late Late Show plan on releasing footage from the ep bit by bit, but it certainly adds to the intrigue of this report and supports the theory that Centineo’s PR are deadset on ensuring that the blessed bb’s reputation remain squeaky clean.

That being said, finding out that Noah’s a fuck boi certainly wouldn’t stop me from disowning him as my TV boyfriend.

Some of us have a thing for bad boys, don’t ya know.