Noah Baumbach’s Next Film Looks Like It’ll Be Right Up Your Alley

White people, have I got a bespoke TGIF treat tailored for your unique set of off-kilter interests. 
Caucasianally-adored mumblecore auteur Noah Baumbach has released the first trailer for his next directorial effort While We’re Young, and you are guaranteed to love it. How could you not? You literally don’t have a say in the matter anymore, sorry; you are powerless to his charms.
Billing itself as “an exploration of ageing, ambition and success,” While We’re Young stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a childless middle-aged couple who are forced to reassess their lives on the arrival of a terribly chic couple of youths, played by Adam Driver (Frances Ha, Girls, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Amanda Seyfried (Gosh, Karen, you’re so stupid). An ennui-laden riot shot beautifully inevitably ensues: fedoras are worn with artful abandon; there’s a hip hop class; everything vintage is new again – all of which is intercut in the trailer with excerpts of Henrik Ibsen dialogue. 
Y’all know, exactly what it’s like being male, middle-class and white. While We’re Young is due out next year, almost certainly at a film festival near you.