I don’t have a lot of hot Bachelor In Paradise takes – much beyond wanting to carve “Glenn & Alisha TL4E” in the trunk of a playground tree, that is – but chief among that particularly shallow pool sits the king of them all: Whenever Niranga Isn’t On Screen, All The Other Contestants Should Be Asking “Where’s Niranga?”

The sheer lack of screen time afforded to Niranga Amarasinghe in this current BIP season isn’t lost on anyone, not least of which Niranga himself apparently.

With the bulk of the storylines on this year’s season largely revolving around the doings and transpirings of Ciarran Stott’s schlong, which guides the path of the show like a divining rod – a saga that, for now, I’m referring to as either Some Like It Stott or Ciarran Present Danger – somewhat more worthy contestants are being given the editorial back seat. Niranga being very much one of them.

And while fans have been screaming for more Niranga throughout the season thus far, the great man himself has now decided to fan those flames by outwardly calling for it directly.

Niranga, who is getting spicier by the moment over on his very good Instagram page, is now straight-up clamouring for additional screen time thanks to a rather shady pic old mate chucked up on the feed a short time ago.

Promoting tonight’s episode, Niranga went at the issue head-on, asserting “just waiting for a mate… I mean screen time” in the accompanying caption.

Fairly unmistakable, that. The man wants more screen time. And frankly? They should give it to him.

Give Niranga more screen time. In fact, make the whole thing The Niranga Show. Even if he’s not getting any romantic attention, just put him in one half of a split-screen while everything else happens in the other, and have him provide lovely and well-considered commentary on everything as it happens.

It’s what Australia wants, and it’s what Niranga wants. And what’s good for one is great for the other.