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Bachelor in Paradise favourite Niranga Amarasinghe has filled in the blanks of his time on the show because let’s be real, we didn’t see much of it.

Appearing on the Friendship Rose podcast, hosted by comedian Rose Callaghan, Niranga revealed how one itty-bitty move against producers at the beginning of the season changed everything.

Turns out, Mary Viturino has Niranga to thank for meeting Conor Canning on the show.

“At the start when I gave Mary a rose, before that happened – throughout that night I was pushed to save Abbie [Chatfield] and give Abbie the rose because producers realised nobody was going to give her a rose,” he explained.

“The producers from the start were starting to egg me on to like Abbie, [and] I thought I was going to go in there and like her, but I didn’t.”

Abbie was booted from Paradise in the first or second episode, from memory. Huge shock, but she wanted to leave. She simply didn’t vibe with anyone.

So, because Niranga didn’t feel a connection with Abbie, he gave his (friendship) rose to good mate Mary instead.

He said producers were initially pissed at him, but changed their minds when Mary went on to find love with Conor.

SO THEN, Niranga thought producers were going to show how Mary and Conor’s relationship came to be, because of his friendship rose. But they didn’t.

“They didn’t even play that storyline – everybody thought they were going to play me giving Mary the rose, and one thing led to another and there’s Mary finding love but they didn’t even show Mary talking about me giving her a friendship rose – nothing.”


Not to mention, he said producers had “scenes after scenes” of himself and Mary discussing the friendship rose. And after Niranga gave his rose to Mary, that’s when producers coined the term “friendship rose”. So not only is Niranga to thank for Mary eventually finding love with Conor, he’s also apparently the reason behind “friendship rose”.

While Niranga is curious about why he was mostly missing from this season, he doesn’t hold any hard feelings. But he does want you to know that friendship roses can, in fact, work.

Image: Network 10