Niranga Amarasinghe has accused one of his fellow Bachelor in Paradise stars of racism following his exit from the show last night.

Wednesday’s episode of Bachie kicked off dramatically after Brittney Weldon shut down Niranga’s request to go on a date. In tears, Brittney expressed how frustrated she felt over the men in Paradise treating her as a last resort to receive a rose and stay in the competition.

So Niranga ended up asking Cass Mamone on his date instead in a bid to secure a rose and stay. Long story short: it didn’t work, and Niranga was eventually sent packing.

Taking to his Instagram story on Thursday morning, Niranga said he has the utmost respect for Brittney. “She immediately apologised off camera when this was filmed,” he said. “Please be kind.”

However, Niranga did have some things to say about another person in Paradise. Without explicitly naming them, Niranga claimed they said racist comments about him behind his back.

“When one particular [contestant] comes out saying they got a bad edit. It infuriated me,” he said.

“There were so many more nasty comments to me and other people. One particular moment telling several people they wouldn’t take me back to the parents because of where I was from. Can’t pronounce my name and doesn’t even know where I’m from,” Niranga shared.

He said he accepts rejection in life, but not comments like this.

Niranga, who moved to Australia from Sri Lanka when he was three, is one of only three non-White contestants cast on this season of Paradise.

“Not once have they apologised,” he said. “You know the one.”

Niranga Amarasinghe Has Accused A Bachelor In Paradise Contestant Of Straight-Up Racism

Jamie Doran and Bachie newcomer Chris ‘Gilly’ Gilleland also exited the show last night after not receiving a rose.

Yesterday, Jamie announced his decision to sue Channel Ten and Warner Bros. Australia over his portrayal on the show.

Image: Network 10, Instagram / @nirangaa