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If you’ve been watching Nine Perfect Strangers, you’ll know how fucking insane the wellness retreat from the show is. Well, turns out it’s a real place (!) that you can actually stay at (!!).

Nine Perfect Strangers is based on the bestselling book by Aussie author Liane Moriarty and follows the journey of nine chaotic characters looking to resolve their problems at Tranquillum House, with the help of a wellness-guru named Masha (played by Nicole Kidman).

I’m two episodes into the series and I’m already hooked. But it’s not just the characters I’m invested in, I’m obsessed with the architecture of the retreat. I feel like I’m watching an episode of Grand Designs.

But seriously, how good does it look?

Well, Tranquillum House is the real-deal baby. It’s a full-on retreat in Byron Bay called Soma, which sits on a massive 22 acres of rainforest. But Byron Bay locals would know all about that, because apparently the filming of Nine Perfect Strangers caused big ol’ traffic jams in the beachside town.

The retreat does seem insane though, just peep the website description below:

“Soma is a contemporary oasis purpose-built to serve as a sanctuary for retreats and immersive experiences with a goal to elevate creativity and consciousness.”

Nine Perfect Strangers

According to Esquire mag, a weekend meditation retreat will set you back around $2,500 dollarydoos. Or alternatively you can rent out the whole shabang for your own retreat, but it’ll cost ya an arm and a leg.

Nine Perfect Strangers
I would pay $2.5k just for that view omg.

Nine Perfect Strangers
I need those terracotta sheets.

To be honest, I feel like a wellness retreat is what every Aussie stuck in lockdown needs right now. I certainly do, although my account says otherwise. I’ll just keep watching the show and hope to live vicariously through the characters, instead.

Watch Nine Perfect Strangers on Amazon Prime here.

Image: Soma