Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Just Gave A Giant Interview On Jaime’s State Of Mind

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays everyone’s second-favourite tormented hero Jaime Lannister, sat down for a forty minute interview with the BUILD Series team (which hosts these long-ass interviews with celebs for fans to attend). And while he was really there to chat his new film Shot Caller, nobody cares about that when Game of Thrones is on the telly.

At about the 18-minute mate, they start talking Jaime and Game of Thrones, and in his chatty state, Nikolaj provides some pretty interesting insights into the mind of his character.

There’s a decent chunk of the fanbase that won’t be happy until we see Jaime kill Cersei, thereby completing his narrative arch and fulfilling the prophecy made by the witch (i.e. the Valonqar theory). But the last time we saw Jaime, he’d just learnt that he and Cersei were going to have a baby, and all the fight seemed to disappear from his face.

On Jaime being a dad:

“Oh, Jaime’s gonna be a dad! So nice. Which is why he’s not in Episode 6, because he’s so excited, he’s decorating the nursery. And he’s chosen green, cause he’s like, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, he’s got his baby gown ready, I mean he is excited.”

On Cersei saying Jaime betrayed her:

“And he’s going, ‘how did I betray you?’ How did he betray her? That’s my question to you. [The interviewer suggests it was because he met with Tyrion.] But I didn’t know! I didn’t know! I didn’t know I was going to meet Tyrion, so how did he betray her? ‘Cause I keep thinking about it… [it’s] because I didn’t kill Tyrion. [He imitates Cersei] “You didn’t kill him him so you’re gonna betray me … we’re gonna have a baby together, you happy?’ [Back to Jaime, sarcastically] Yeah! I think you’re gonna be a greeeaaat mom’.

“I have so many questions, I’m just gonna call the writers now.”

On his meeting with Tyrion:

“There are so many things I would have liked to have said to him … the subtext in that scene was always gonna drive me crazy . I think it’s a great scene because of that, it’s a great scene, Peter [Dinklage] is amazing. I was like, can Jaime just please say something here, he can’t let him get away with this.

“Cause there’s this beautiful speech from Tyrion where he says – cause I say, ‘I told Bronn I was going to kill you’ – and he says, [tearing up] ‘My dad was gonna kill me, okay? Tywin was gonna kill me, he’s always hated me, he was gonna kill me’.

“Can Jaime just say, ‘I KNOW THAT, okay! I know that, that’s why I helped you escape, and you chose to go back and kill Tywin – oh, and you also killed an innocent woman, by the way’ – which everyone forgets about. But she was a pr*stitute, so we don’t care about her.

“But I’m going to be a dad now. So Jaime, he’s forgiving everything.”

On whether his baby will be a boy or a girl:

“What if it’s going to be one of those situations where you go – you would imagine it was a sweet little blonde baby, what if it’s like a half-monster… or the Mountain… [he looks uncomfortable] let’s just change the subject.”

On a potential Brienne reunion:

“That would be nice, I hope so. I miss those scenes. I hope, that would be great. It would be weird if they didn’t. It would be fun to work with Gwendoline Christie again.”

On if he wants to work with Kit Harington, and see a showdown between Jon and Jaime:

“Why does it have to be a showdown? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were on the sam side fighting? If all those people could finally go, ‘okay, maybe we should worry about that guy with the spiky head and the blue eyes’. Don’t trust guys with blue eyes, it’s just not gonna work. That would be nice, if they could fight the common enemy. Because why would they fight each other?”

On Cersei’s plans:

“I don’t think she cares that much about the baby, she just wants world dominance. I love that scene with the banker, where she just goes, well all I want is world power, I just want to own everything. And he’s like, well, we can make that happen.”

So – who knows if he actually gave anything away. But he seems to play into this idea that Cersei is using the pregnancy to manipulate Jaime, and that it’s working. He might also be hinting that a) the baby’s either not real or not his, and b) that at some point, Jaime’s going to join the fighting in the North. Or maybe we’re reading too much into this.

The Game of Thrones chat starts around the 18 minute mark, if you want to watch.

Then again, this analysis basically reckons that Jaime’s entire worldview of Cersei came crashing down the moment she said the words, “Never betray me again”, and he now sees her as the Mad Queen.

[MAIN SPOILERS] There is so much packed into the Jaime-Cersei scenes in S7 E5
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