If there was one unrequited love we wish would have SPRUNG into fruition like a juicy lemon tree of hope, it was Nikki Gogan and Richie Strahan. For those who can’t remember anything about reality TV beyond a week of it airing, Nikki was runner-up on Richie’s season of The Bachelor, famously being dumped on camera for Alex Nation. At the time everyone was Team Nikki because she was a literal angel (we’ve since learned that Alex is ALSO a literal angel, so there you go mates don’t pit women against women etc etc).

Anyway, even now – years later – we all secretly ship Nikki and Richie. They both live in WA, they’re both single as far as we know, etc etc. Because as we all know, you just need to be single and live in the same state to be perfect for each other. That’s all.

The ex-reality stars have set tongues wagging after both posting from Rottnest Island, which is just off the coast from Perth. It’s a popular spot to visit for sure. Many people go there. But Nikki and Richie were there on Monday (weird already, seems like an odd day to go) and were there at the same damn TIME.

Here’s Richie posting:

And here’s Nikki:

It seems like Nikki stayed on a boat – at least for the bit she Instagrammed – while Richie is mainly on the beach? But like, WHO KNOWS right. Who took this sexy pic, for example:

WHO TOOK THAT, RICHIE YOU SEXY MOFO. Goddamn, how hot is he now? When did that happen? Cool bananas, INDEED. Quick deep dive bc you need to be across, guys.

Honored to be attending the RMCH Mercedes-Benz Ball tonight.

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*sweats profusely* Ok fine I’m done.

Anyway look how relatively empty Rottnest looks:

I’m well aware this is a bloody stretch and a half – Rottnest is popular, like I said! Nikki seemed to stay on a boat the whole time! Blah blah blah can’t we have some spicy fun and just fantasise over these two having a secret, illicit affair that results in marriage and babies and true love? Like they COULD maybe be there together canoodling. Who goes there on a Monday, for example?

Anyway let me LIVE, folks.

The last convo Nikki had on the matter was on Popsugar‘s reality TV podcast, Popcast, where she told host Tim Dormer that she was OVER, O-V-A-H Richie.

‘I loved him, he didn’t love me, that’s fine… I’m very much happy and bubbly, and I love life,’ she said.

I personally choose to blindly believe she’s bullshitting and that she’s still in love with him, and he’s FINALLY realised her sweet, cherubic face is the one for him, and that they’re currently reading this while in bed and having a good old chuckle about how they’ve fooled us all.

I believe in you, #Nichie.

Image: The Bachelor