Nicole Trunfio and Cheyenne Tozzi have signed on as mentors for the Australian iteration of The Face, the third international franchise of its kind and this year’s most exceptional vehicle for showcasing the maniacal, camp television gold that is Naomi Campbell

For those of you whose life is yet to be enriched by the looming spectre of Naomi Campbell’s Flawless Bone Structure and Terrifyingly Venomous Barbs delivered via weekly instalments of the show, The Face is a fast-paced, industry-indicative reality series which sees three teams of aspiring supermodels compete in various challenges for a beauty contract with Fresh Effects by Olay. Unlike modelling competition contemporaries like the Next Top Model or Make Me A Supermodel franchises, The Face has an added cutthroat element incorporated into its elimination process: the winning coach after each challenge chooses a girl from the losing team to go home, inspiring some of the most artful shade-throwing rivalry I’ve ever witnessed on TV between Campbell and her fellow judges. 

Trunfio and Tozzi join noted fashion photographer and host Georges Antoni as the three industry experts who will spend most of their time on the show in the shadow cast by Campbell. 

The Face begins production in Sydney next week and will air on FOX8 in early 2014. I cannot wait.

Photo by Mike Pont via Getty

via TV Tonight