Nicole Kidman Recounts Getting Caught Up In Nearby Shooting While Filming In LA

Aussie darling Nicole Kidman has recounted a terrifying incident that occurred near the set of her latest movie, Destroyer in which she plays an LAPD detective.

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Kidman alleges that during filming in Los Angeles, an active shooter opened fire close to where they were working.

“We were in South Central LA shooting and they were like, ‘Get inside, there’s a shooter, a live shooter,’” Kidman said during a BAFTA Life in Pictures event in London.

“I’m like, ‘What?’ I’ve got the (prop) gun and I’m out on the street and they dragged me in, and I hit the floor because there was a shooter and helicopters.”

Kidman recently said that to get into character, she visited a shooting range in Tennessee and trained with a military veteran to learn how to handle assault rifles and other guns. “All of the weapons, I can load them, I can fire them, I know them,” Kidman says.

“I trained for about a month, but every day. It was cold, and I was tired, and I would just train. And my hands cramped, because I don’t have big hands and I don’t have strong hands. It was awful.”

She went on to say that going method with the role had a negative impact on her mental state.

“I was very, deeply depressed,” she says. “It was the point where my husband was like, ‘When the hell is this going to end?’” When her partner Keith Urban saw a finished cut of the movie, “he was weirded out,” Kidman says. “Wouldn’t you be weirded out if you were married to one person, and they show up looking like that?”