Nicole Kidman Set To Play Grace Kelly

Our Nic is currently in negotiations to play Her Serene Highness, the inimitable, iconic Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in a $15 million film helmed by Oliver Dahan (who directed Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose), dubbed Grace of Monaco.

The film will take place between December 1961 and November 1962, with Kelly having already reared two children and won an Oscar for her performance in A Country Girl, and also having already bagged a Prince in Rainier III and a namesake Hermés bag. #Winning.

If you’ve ever seen Kelly on screen, you’ll know she is abso-freaking-lutely magnetic. If you’ve ever seen Kidman on screen, you might be inclined to think that while she can be pretty great from time to time, she can also be extremely wooden and frozen of the facial features. Apparently the role has been at the top of every top actress’ list since 2011, so Nic has truly landed the role of a lifetime in Kelly and probably had to beat of January Jones with a stick, or one of her limbs, or Virginia Woolf’s prosthetic nose, or a Twinkie, or one of Keith Urban’s country music awards. Whichever one’s pointier. Probably the Twinkie.

Via Showblitz