Despite All His Rage, A Nicolas Cage Movie Marathon Is Coming To Melbourne

Remain calm, movie goers. It’s not time to panic just yet. But hooley bloody dooley there’s gonna be a Nicolas Cage movie marathon in Melbourne this winter, so now might be the time to strap on your Cage hat and fire off into Cage land.

Yeah look, it’s the last article for the day. Things aren’t firing at full capacity over here.

Regardless, Melbourne is 100% soon to play host to Cage-a-Thon, thanks to the good folk at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

MIFF is slowly drip-feeding parts of its 2018 programme, and today they lifted the borderline-maniacal lid on the festival of Cage: A 12-hour marathon of pure Cage show in succession at St Kilda’s historic Astor Theatre.

The story goes that at the festival last year, organisers dipped the toes into marathon schedule lineups, presenting a cornucopia of sci-fi classics at the Astor in succession.

This year, rather than shift the focus to another genre, they’ve instead gone with the only right, just, and good decision of highlighting twelve hours of pure Cage, in all his glorious splendour.

Per the media release issued this afternoon:

Ethan Hawke has described him as “the only actor since Marlon Brando that’s actually done anything new with the art” and David Lynch called him the “jazz musician of acting”. He is the ineffable Nicolas Cage, perhaps the most eclectic, most meme-able actor in living memory. From winning an Oscar to being lovingly parodied – an infamous episode of the TV series Community features a Nicolas Cage Appreciation class that seeks to answer the question of whether he is a good or a bad actor – Cage clearly works in mysterious ways.

From 9.30pm on Friday 10 August we’ll be unlocking the Cage and letting loose with 12 hours of non-stop Nic. It’ll be operatic, Nouveau Shamanic and gloriously OTT! With over 70 potential films from the Cage canon to choose from but time only to screen seven, it’s going to be a big ask but we’re up to the challenge if you are.

The festival is keeping the lineup of Cage films that will be screened tight-lipped, with all set to be revealed when the full 2018 programme drops on July 10th.

But if the idea of an overnight Cage-a-Thon tickles you enough to go in completely blind, then tickets are available now via the MIFF website.

And because no article about Nicolas Cage is ever complete without it, here’s the glorious montage of the man himself losing his ever-loving shit.

There are none greater than Cage. None.