Nicki Minaj Reacts To Footage Of Kylie Jenner Running From Her At The VMAs

Yesterday, a video surfaced of Kylie Jenner hauling ass at the 2018 Video Music Awards to avoid a run-in with Nicki Minaj who had called her and her bae Travis Scott out on Twitter the day prior.

[jwplayer 2vos7s9m]

In the video, Kylizzle can be seen strutting down the red carpet when she spots Minaj coming her way.

She suddenly back tracks, seemingly asking her assistant if they can go the other way to avoid bumping into the savage singer.

Meanwhile, the crowd can be heard chanting Nicki’s name as she sashays down the red carpet while Jenner flees.

Cop the brutal footage below:

Minaj has since addressed the footage that was doing the ’rounds yesterday and cleared the air via Complex, revealing that she actually has no issues with Jenner herself, just with the situation.

“She gotta ride with her man, why the fuck wouldn’t she?” She said of Kylie supporting Scott which Minaj believes is what catapulted his album to number one.

“We’re not gonna make this what it’s not. She’s a dope girl .. This is strictly about music, she has nothing to do with this. My fans are not feeding into this. We love Kylie.”

The ‘Bed’ singer’s initial tweets called out the power couple for beating her to the top of the charts based on their popularity alone.

The feud was enough for the VMAs peeps to separate Minaj from the new parents so that they were seated on opposite sides of the room.

Perhaps poor Kylie’s terrified face in the video was enough to make Nicki calm the fuck down and I mean thank god for that.