Nickelodeon Bringing Back Classic Shows Only 90s Kids Will RememberNickelodeon Bringing Back Classic Shows Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Only children born in the decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1st 1990 and ended on December 31st 1999, would remember.

You must be a 90s kid.

And as part of this exclusive club – entry into which is entirely dependent on when your parents fuuuuuhk’d – you will be somewhere between mildly disinterested and bone-shatteringly ecstatic to hear NICKELODEON are bringing back some classics.

The President of Content Development and Production for Nickelodeon Group, Russell Hicks told Variety: “We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way.”

Hicks oversees the company’s live-action, animation development and production teams for all of Nickelodeon’s content platforms and is committed to creating ‘new content for the first generation of post-millennial kids.’ As part of that commitment he has decided to make post-millennial kids happy by appealing to their millennial parents. 
“We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back,” said Hicks.
He was tight-lipped about what shows they might choose but from the sounds of it, the more in demand the more likely we’ll be seeing it returned in some form; apparently this may be as a series, movie or special.

Could a “fresh new way” mean…
Nickelodeon Bringing Back Classic Shows Only 90s Kids Will Remember?

Or The Rugrats Theory? “The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica’s imagination. Chuckie died a long time ago along with his mother; that’s why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time. Tommy was a stillborn; that’s why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live. The DeVilles had an abortion. Angelica couldn’t figure whether it would be a boy or a girl, thus creating the twins.” via

At this point it’s all speculation and we can only hope these new, potentially bastardised versions, aren’t steaming piles of
 Nickelodeon Bringing Back Classic Shows Only 90s Kids Will Remember