WATCH: V. Sweet Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins Does First ‘Badgelor’ Interview

In case you’ve been living in a badger hole recently and haven’t heard the news – top bloke Nick Cummins otherwise known as Honey Badger” is the 2018 Aussie Bachelor. 

*Heavenly gates music* 

The pro-rugby union player just did his first ever Bachelor-based TV interview and it was just a tad adorable. There were classic Straya sayings, bit of slang, and a whole lotta nervous laughter as he showed up on tonight’s episode of The Project to talk all things LURVE and slang.

Also and quote, “If you’re feeling it, you can call me Honey.” Done.

Also x 2  Nick has never really gotten into the whole Bachelor series before so he doesn’t know what to expect. What a wild ride this season’s going to be.

When asked just what Honey’s expecting from the whole experience, he answered, “I think when you don’t know what’s in front of ya, like Dad always said, ‘Just hit it with pace.’” Whatta bloke.

And now to the saucy stuff. Why choose The Bachelor?

“They say you get three loves in life. The first one ya know, it cuts pretty deep and you’re not really sure if it’s infatuation or not. And the second one, it may be love but maybe you don’t really understand ‘cos you’re still young and inexperienced and the timings of your lives haven’t really hit the right connection, the right point. So I suppose, the third one which – who knows, I might actually find could be this one – where I’ve realised it’s not infatuation, the timing in both of our lives have come to this point and now we’ve connected and hopefully we press forward into a happy future.” 

Translation? Honey believes in LOVE AND DESTINY.

Then Peter Helliar drops big question – “What are you looking for in a woman, honey badger?” 

“Well mate you can talk about hair colour and things like that and that’s all good for the eye but it doesn’t really last and you gotta go off vibes mate. Knowing yourself you’re probably palming them off left, right and centre and you know, it’s tough. If I could you a buzz mate, I would ‘cos I need plenty of advice.” 

Translation? I don’t know but Australia loves him.

THEN, Waleed Aly drops in with the hottest question of them all – “How are the girls going to understand what you’re saying?” 

Here we go.

“Yeah look mate, that’s the tough thing I mean I can throw a few things out there – gas bag and you know chin wags and yarns, spin-offs and all those words – fun things but when you get that confused look as if you a weirdo or? That’s when you know you gotta reign it in and start talking English again.” 

Translation? I still don’t know but Honey has my heart.

You can enjoy the full vid below.