Nick Cummins has spoken out about the anxiety he felt while filming The Bachelor, revealing one incident in which he ran away into the bush and stripped to his undies while hiding from producers.

Cummins, aka the Honey Badger, won hearts with his off-beat charm and his many Aussie colloquialisms, but fans turned on him when he rejected both Sophie and Britney in the finale.

A year on, he spoke with Stellar about his experiences on the show, saying that it was a “tough place to be in mentally” and there were some “dark times” when he did not want to be there.

Nick Cummins

He said that he did not like being followed around by cameras all day, and at one point during a bathroom break, he ran away from his handler for a bit of alone time. He explained:

“I just took off into the bush. And I went there for hours and hours. I remember stripping off to my undies and laying on a rock and I said a couple of prayers … I asked whoever was listening, ‘Help. Give me some guidance and give me some energy.’ Because I was fading. My soul was going dark.”

This week, Nick Cummins announced a new project called the Rogue Gentlemen’s Club, which hosts men-only trips to the bush, the beach and other natural settings as a form of group therapy.

He believes that men are reluctant to show their emotions out of fear of being called “weak”, and that this causes them to withdraw or hold their feelings back.

“I believe the most masculine or gentlemanly thing you can do is just show love, to step into that zone and own it,” he told the publication of the new venture.