All this talk of TV revivals and whatnot has everyone scurrying to revisit the classics, so it’s not a huge surprise that some of the more buried secrets of your childhood favourites are finally being unearthed now. But this one… this one just about takes the cake.

The ‘Hey Arnold!‘ rebooted two-part movie – the long-awaited “Jungle Movie” – is in production as of this past March, and is scheduled to hit Nickelodeon screens in 2017.

And whilst that film looks set to close the book on one 15-year old mystery, that being the origin and whereabouts of Arnold‘s parents, the internet has uncovered another mystery from the show so puzzling, so profound, so deeply enigmatic that it’s sure to baffle and confound those who bare witness to it:

Oi, is that bloke eating a butt in the background?

No, we’re not kidding. Yes, it totally looks like someone in the background of a shot in an old episode of ‘Hey Arnold!‘ is getting absolutely stuck in to some anus a la mode.

Boom. Right there. Just as Arnold and Helga are walking out of a building together, surprise salad tossing.

‘Course, like everything in a meticulously planned TV show, it’s not without its cause. The previous scene features old mate licking a plate clean in the middle of some sort of feast. So *technically* that’s what he’s doing in this scene.

But it’s absolutely within the realms of possibility that the animators and such simply used that action as an elaborate setup to drop a subliminal butthole buffet onto an unsuspecting youth audience back in the day.

Look at the freeze frame and judge it for yourselves.

The scoreboard. It never lies.

Sometimes, growing up in the city of Hillwood, you gotta do more than just kiss a little ass to get ahead, ya feel?

Source: Twitter.