Niall Horan Says He Misses The One Direction Lads And So Do We, TBH

It’s always tough watching your children grow up. It’s even harder when your perfect little angels decide that they’re no longer going to see each other and set off in the world to go their own separate ways.

I could be talking about children, but I am most definitely speaking of the former best boyband in the world, One Direction, who, very unfortunately, split up in 2015 and are now exploring their solo careers.

According to Niall Horan, it hasn’t exactly been an easy transition. Speaking to the Melbourne Herald, the 24-year-old Irish singer reckons that he wasn’t exactly prepared for all the responsibility that came with a solo career.

The day to day interviews and photo shoots, that’s when I notice it the most. You’re in a photo shoot and you don’t have someone to bounce off anymore. Or you can get another lad to answer a question in an interview. Everything’s on you now.”

He reckons that having to record an entire song and not just one part was a bit of a reality check… although I’m not entirely sure what alternative he thought there was?

I’d never thought about that part of it until I went to the vocals for a whole song and I was like ‘Jesus!’. I did find my best vocals came out in the first couple of takes.

For this record, I could pick the producer, record with a full live band in a studio and go through every drum sound and guitar sound in detail. It was great. In a weird way, it felt that’s how an album should be made. That was the best part of the whole thing for me.

Niall’s next tour comes to Australia in June, so keep your eyes locked on tickets if you’re keen to see this boy have a pluck ‘n’ strum.