The Next Big Movie Adaption For All You ‘Gone Girl’ Lovers Is Legit Chilling

The only thing I don’t hate about the snow is, well, the bonafide banger ‘Let It Go’ and the chance to make a snowman, but now those things have been shat on, literally, with the new chilling trailer for horror film The Snowman.

Based on Norweigan crime writer Jo Nesbø‘s bestselling 2007 read, the movie adaptation centres around an elusive serial killer who decapitates victims’ heads and, hold the impending vomit, creates snowmen with them. Nope. Nope. Nope. Maybe a clown down a drain ain’t so bad after all.

The hyped flick features Michael Fassbender, which is always a swell inclusion, as the elite crime squad’s lead detective Harry Hole, alongside Rebecca Ferguson (The Girl On The Train) who plays Katrine Bratt. Add to that the acting chops of Chloë Sevigny, J.K Simmons and Val Kilmer and you’ve got yourself a film and a half, people. 

The film follows the struggle of Fassbender, who is put to task by having to investigate the disappearance on a woman whose scarf is found wrapped around a creepy lookin’ snowman.

The cases sees him connecting decades-old incidences in order to find out what in sweet hell is happening, in his hopes to outwit (outplay, outlast) Norway’s first official serial killer, ‘The Snowman Killer’. It’s a mind-screwer for both the audience and Fassbender, who gets taunted by the psychopath like a donut dangling in front of a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Things were not fine

One shouldn’t be too surprised at their inability to pick the ending when it’s a book adaptation. That shit always gets real complex. Put it this way – if you were a fan of Gone Girl, you should probably add this one to your reading / viewing list.

The Snowman hits cinemas October 19, crime fiends. Should you read the book beforehand? Up to you and if you like your sleep or not.