Newsreader Beautifully Shuts Down Ice Bucket Challenge

While it’s undoubtedly in a good cause, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has reached the point of near-ubiquity on the internet. When someone challenged Queensland newsreader and seemingly pretty bloody ripper bloke Lincoln Humphries to tip water over his head in the name of charity, he gently but firmly shut the idea down.

After starting out his video by nominating “everyone everywhere”, Humphries acknowledged the good that the ice bucket challenge has done, then suggested some other things we could be doing to make a difference, including spreading the love around to other deserving causes like cancer and fresh water charities, and not wasting so much damn ice. 
Never before has the regional broadcaster WIN been more worthy of its name.
UPDATE: As of 5.30pm, the original Facebook post seems to have been taken down, but here’s a YouTube video of Humphries’ broadcast:
“In summary, I’d like to nominate everyone everywhere who has more than what they need to donate what they can to the people who need it most,” he said, “because that’s what charity is about, not putting yourself through mild discomfort with a bucket of ice and water.”
“Ice is for keeping fresh produce fresh, beers cold and nipples hard.”
Lincoln Humphries, we salute you.