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Oh look, here’s something fun from the good folk at The Courier Mail, The Daily Telegraph et al. “Celebrities Who Are Fruit” imagines a world where, for no apparent reason, writers can make terrible celebrity/fruit puns (Tom-ato Cruise, Rhubarb-ra Streisand, Mandy-rin Moore) then photoshop said piece of fruit with its accompanying celebrity to make truly hilarious visual gags that also make you think.

Tom-ato Cruise

It makes sense because Tom-ato Cruise is already hilarious on a linguistic level, but a picture of Tom Cruise’s head morphed crudely with an actual tomato is doubly hilarious because it visually re-enforces the pun which we laughed about just before. At first Tom Cruise’s tomato head looks completely whacky – but then you realize the caption references a tomato…which is appropriate because you can make a pun with the word tomato and Tom Cruises’ name. Specifically his first name, Tom. It’s like the Circle Of Life but the Circle Of Comedy, a continuous stream of LOL that, as we said before, also makes you think.

Eric Bana-na

In some cases, as with Jack Lemon and Eagle Eye Cherry, the celebrity’s name already contains a piece of fruit – so it’s not so much about making fruit-related puns but showcasing the hidden piece of fruit in celebrity names by way of photoshop. You might sit up and think “Wow, I didn’t know that Eagle Eye Cherry’s name contained a piece of fruit” if you didn’t know who Eagle Eye Cherry was or didn’t speak English.

Rhubarb-ra Streisand

There are 28 examples to explore so click here to experience that rare breed of news content that is both informative and entertaining.

Which fruit/celebrity is your favourite?