The newest web-series from comedians Jess Harris and Emily Taheny – ‘Wine, a bottle shared is a problem halved‘ – is relatable in a way most won’t care to admit to themselves.

This New Wine-Soaked Web-Series Will Help You Feel Less Shit About Yourself

It follows two besties debriefing their cooked weeks over a bottle of wine which is, you know, relatable – discussing shit they’ve done like mumbling under their breath for a “cunt” to move faster… which is also, you know, relatable.

Wine, a bottle shared is a problem halved promises to feature familiar faces like Jackson Gallagher (Home & Away), Johnathon Schuster (Fancy Boys), Ryan Shelton (from heaps of shit) and Samuel Watkins (who doesn’t appear to be from anything in particular but is quite the snack). It also promises a consistent reminder that life’s all-round fucked but at least we have booze to soothe the pain, which is nice.

In case you were hoping for it, Jess jumps back into the same cutthroat sassball we grew to love in ABC miniseries Twentysomething (which if you haven’t already watched, you should do so immediately here). Watch the first ep yourself (which dropped today) below, and be sure to give the page a follow so you get reminded of new eps.

Image: Facebook / Wine, a bottle shared is a problem halved.