New Oz Teen Show ‘The Bureau Of Magical Things’ Makes Hogwarts Look Lame AF

One of the most exciting new TV shows heading to local screens this year, The Bureau Of Magical Things, has just had its first footage released, via the season one trailer and mates, it’s time to get pumped.

From Jonathan M. Shiff, the guy who also brought us such iconic Aussie-led shows such as H20: Just Add Water and its spin-off Mako Mermaids, the supernatural teen drama is set to hit Eleven later this year and much like his previous work, TBOMT looks super high quality.

The show, which was shot in Queensland last year, follows the adventures of Kyra, a regular teenage girl who discovers a secret world of magic and is thrust into a world of fairies, elves and spells.

Check out the trailer below. The 20-part series hits local screens later this year.