New ‘N Old TV Classics To Binge On Like Nobody’s Business

For many, a long weekend involves back-to-back sessions of getting as turnt as possible, usually resulting in one being the shell of a human come Tuesday. There’s some of you, however, who’re more sensible. You opt to use the extended time off to catch up on some much needed R&R. We’re not talking soft-sand runs, green teams and bikram yoga though – our thinking is more along the lines of, “you can find me in my bed, wearing my PJs and eating leftover Chinese if you need me.”
To complement your self-induced vegetive state (which we totally endorse), P.TV staffers have shared a few of their favourite TV shows for you to devour this long weekend. BTW: We tried to keep the selection broad in the hopes you’ll find at least one option that tickles your fancy. If that doesn’t happen, we’re sorry lol. 
We’ll be the first to admit that House of Cards‘ third season was severely lacklustre, but fuck me they’ve made an explosive comeback with their latest instalment. The normal protests by those not engrossed in the series are usually about not liking politics, especially American politics. Well, naysayers, are you not a fan of: murder (murder most foul!), bi-sexual threesomes, corruption and chilling thrills? Huh? Well HoC packs that in, and a fuck-ton more. If you’re hunting for a new show to get balls deep in, House of Cards should be at the top of your shortlist.     
Alright, we can hear your groans from a mile off but bare with us for a moment. Pokemon is peak nostalgia, and when employed properly, it can be an excellent way of soothing your soul when the night before’s left you a tad fragile. Also, if your self-confidence is wavering for whatever given reason, this show’s the perfect cure. Try feeling like shit when you’re prompted to answer, “WHO’S THAT POKEMON?!”, because trust us, you’re going to know damn fucking well that it’s Pikachu.  
The suspension of disbelief is strong in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Who else but old mate, Tina Fey, could create a show about a woman who’s escaped from an underground bunker / cult and make it a lol-centric affair? We highly recommend this for its bite-sized, easy to consume episodes – every lead executes their well conceived, albeit bizarre, roles perfectly. 
It came as a shock to us all when US network Lifetime (y’know, the one that doesn’t exactly churn out halfway decent content on the reg), defied all expectations and released UnReal. Seeing as we all love a bit of reality TV, why not make a show about the behind-the-scenes of said genre? Everlasting, UnReal’s The Bachelor equivalent is shown to be manipulated by its producers – much as you’d imagine it’d go down IRL. It’s a good watch, and with season two out now, you’ve got plenty of material to get stuck into. 
If you’re a fan of well-executed but obviously over-the-top drama, then look no further than Scandal. Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, leads a team of Fixers (glorified / nek-level PR folk of varying talent) who’re called in when shit’s gotten all too hectic. While the show has a heavy focus on politics (chiefly due to Ms Pope BANGING THE GODDAMN PRESIDENT), the theme shifts episode to episode.