New Movie Show ‘The Bazura Project’ Hits ABC2 Next Week

The Bazura Project, a crazy hybrid program that mixes film reviews with comedy is set to screen on ABC2 next Thursday.

Starring comedians and movie nerds (man, do we have a lot of them) Shannon Marinko and Lee Zachariah, the short-run series continues in the traditional ABC2 run they’ve had this year via Angry Boys and twentysomething by going completely and utterly over the top. Professing to take viewers inside ‘sin-ema’, each of the six episodes will detail how a particular vice – violence, sex, money, profanity, drugs or fame are depicted on the big screen. Sound audacious, because that’s exactly what it is:

The show will also star the who’s who of pretty much everything, including The Movie Show’s David Stratton, Talking About Your Generation‘s Shaun Micallef and that mega-babe host (see: Julia Zemiro) from RockWiz. With this much A-list power, it has to be awesome.

Catch The Bazura Project on ABC2 next Thursday at 9pm. We assume because it’s after the 8:30 timeslot, we’re going to see some boobs.

Giggidy giggidy.