Brisbane comedian and noted Gen Y Aussie flag-bearer Josh Thomas’ new series Please Like Me was set to appear on ABC1 but will now screen tomorrow night on ABC2. A move he speculates was motivated by prudish old people the show being “too gay”.

“They told me it (the switch to ABC2) was a compliment. I don’t
believe them,”
Thomas tells The Australian. “I don’t know if what they were really
saying was, ‘Josh the show is a bit shit’ or, ‘Josh the show has too
much suicide and gay sex in it’.

“People have suggested to me
that (too gay) is why they did it (put it on ABC2). I would be shocked
if that’s why but I also wouldn’t be.”

The ABC has since dismissed those claims, saying the broadcast reshuffle was informed by demographic considerations related to age, not to sexuality. 

“The tone of Please Like Me and the issues discussed are principally aimed at an audience in their early 20s,” an ABC spokesperson says. “Since
ABC1 is largely a channel of mass appeal that tends to attract an
audience with an average age the other side of 35, we decided the best
home for Please Like Me was ABC2.”

We tend to believe the latter. In 2011, Chris Lilley’s cult ABC1 series Angry Boys featured a character who sold “Gay Styles” merchandise, including penis-shaped whistles, perfume dispensers and water bottles. If that ain’t “too gay” then nothing is.

Please Like Me premieres 9:30pm, February 28, on ABC2.