New Full-Length Trailers For ‘Dexter’ And ‘Homeland’

Welcome to Goosebumps Town: population three (you, me and R.L. Stein). So far this year we’ve seen thirty second teasers for the new seasons of Dexter and Homeland and today it gives me great pleasure and a severe case of the chills to present full length trailers for two of the better shows on television right now.

Obviously, attached to these are BIG SPOILER ALERTS, which you’d think goes without saying but you’d be surprised. Dexter picks up right where it left off at last season’s inevitable cliff-hanger and the trailer provides a pretty telling glimpse into how this penultimate season will progress as the tempestuous/incestuous relationship between Deb and Dexter approaches breaking point. Even though the show is admittedly on its last legs, this still looks like excellent viewing. No one escapes this American Psycho dark passenger, amirite!?

Homeland too does what a good second season is wont to do and begins where we last left Claire Danes and her brilliantly moving and intense portrayal of C.I.A. agent, Carrie Mathison. The chilling new trailer features a back-in-the-field brunette Mathison set to a haunting cover of The Police’s scopophilic pop standard ‘Every Breath You Take‘. There’s also a glimpse of Brody’s campaign to run for office. It looks like the excellent supporting cast are back for season two, with a few unfamilar faces thrown in for good measure/threats to homeland security.

Both shows will air in the US on September 30 so you should be watching these come October (via whatever means necessary).

Homeland trailer and photo via Collider and Dexter’s via BuzzFeed.