‘Between Two Ferns’ Returns With Cardi B, Just To Roast Jerry Seinfeld

It was nearly two years ago when Zach Galifianakis last wheeled out the greenery for a Between Two Ferns chat, and a little bit has changed since then. His last guest, Hillary Clinton, didn’t exactly have the election result she expected. Other novelty interview channels have begun fielding A-list talent. Oh, and Cardi B became a thing.

Regardless, a brand new episode of the combative talk show has emerged into this strange new pop-cultural world, and it’s very, very aware of how tastes change.

An initial stand-off with guest Jerry Seinfeld gives way to a much calmer interaction with the aforementioned Cardi B, and Galifianakis riffs on the inscrutable nature of viral popularity.

“You are special,” Galifianakis says of Cardi.

“But the most important thing is that you’re relevant.” 

Good content, baby.