The Bachelorette Australia just dropped a new teaser and boy oh boy is this season gonna be good. Brooke Blurton‘s premier hasn’t even aired yet, but it’s already spicier than Elly and Becky Miles‘ entire season.

In a new teaser dropped on Thursday evening, it’s revealed that one cheeky contestant straight up pashed Brooke on the first night of the show. Which is the first time that’s ever happened. And, it was all planned. Girlbosses stay winning!

In hilarious Bachie fashion, everyone immediately panics because god fucking damn this contestant must have game to get away with a smooch so early in the season. The seductive energy must be out of this fucking world.

The best part of this sneaky kiss? Brooke is visibly flustered, touching her face and saying it was “pretty hot”. Screaming!

Of course, this is just the start (literally) of the drama in this season of Bachelorette. The show’s full trailer revealed that some contestants hook up with each other, which makes sense since we have a bunch of guys, gals and pals all living in the same mansion.

The affair leads to lots of he says/she says accusations, anger from other contestants, and an investigation by Brooke much like Matt Agnew‘s dogcunt drama, which was truly one of the most chaotic things to ever happen on reality TV.

If you aren’t familiar with Brooke Blurton, she first appeared on Honey Badger‘s season of The Bachelor (2018), where he didn’t pick anyone. Boooo.

The following year she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, and was left heart broken yet again.

Now, she’s trying again to find her love, this time as The Bachelorette — and spoiler alert, this time she succeeds!

The new season of Bachelorette Australia airs next Wednesday 20 October on Channel 10 and 10Play. Only five sleeps away, people!!! Call up the gals and organise that wine and cheese night, we deserve it.