Never Say Never: Justin Bieber Is In Sydney And Heading To Hillsong

You know those stories you read and think, ‘WHODAWHATNOW, is this even real’?

Here’s one of ’em.

Reports are coming in that Justin Bieber has landed in Sydney and heading straight for Hillsong Church.

We know for sure that Justin Bieber is in Sydney (as it’s trending on Twitter), because @JBCrewdotcom haven’t let even one second of Justin Bieber’s arrival go undocumented.




EVERY… oh fuck it, running out of steam here, but you can find dozens more identical photos of Justin Bieber’s arrival on their Twitter stream.

Hillsong are holding a five day conference at Allphones Arena this week, and supposedly Biebs is in town for it. Model Hailey Baldwin, star of the is she / isn’t she his girlfriend rumours, and who arrived here via separate flight, is also rumoured to attend.

Was it only last year that Justin Bieber literally couldn’t remember if he’d ever visited Australia?

We remember. You got your bodyguard to slash a paparazzo’s tires, mate, and called a teenager a “beached whale”, and called a customs officer a “female vagina”.

My, how the times have changed.

If Biebs wants to get his life back on track, more power to him.

The Bieber / Hillsong connection isn’t exactly news: he’s been pictured leaving Hillsong Church in New York before, and according to US tabloids it’s the “special place he used to take Selena when they were dating”. He also recently shared his love for their music with his 31.3 million Instagram followers:

In related news, the 12 to 16 year old female demographic of Hillsong members has just jumped up by 1200%.

Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images