Netflix’s ‘Living With Yourself’ Stars Paul Rudd And Paul Rudd ‘Coz What More Do You Need?

Do you ever have an actor that you’re just a little bit obsessed with? Well, ladies and gentlemen, for me that person is Paul Rudd. So, as you can imagine, the announcement of a new Netflix series featuring Paul Rudd and his co-star, Paul Rudd was particularly exciting for me. The man cannot be stopped.

Netflix’s latest series, Living With Yourself is basically the Paul Rudd equivalent of The Nutty Professor, with the beloved playing multiple roles alongside each other. The series is Rudd’s first leading role on television, because apparently Mike Hannigan in Friends doesn’t count as a “major” role. And he isn’t just one major character, he’s both of them.

I mean, why have one Paul Rudd when you can have two?

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Living With Yourself follows the story of Rudd’s character, Miles who is quietly replaced with another, overall better version of himself who is also played by Rudd. The protagonist is “struggling with life” and decides to get a spa treatment to help his issues. But it takes a turn for the worst when he is replaced by a better, improved version of himself. The story then follows both the OG Miles and the new and improved Miles as they journey through life.

Paul Rudd is Hollywood gold. I dare you to find a Paul Rudd movie that’s anything less than phenomenal. He’s Ant-Man damn it. ANT MAN.

Netflix haven’t released a trailer yet, but they’ve teased us all with a bunch of interesting screen grabs that will send your imagination wild with possible storylines for the new show.

Co-star (who isn’t Paul Rudd) Aisling Bea gave us a sneaky teaser on Sunday Brunch recently.

“It’s basically Paul gets himself cloned…” she said. “Paul ends up cloning himself, the idea being to make a perfect version of yourself, but the question being, is it all of your complexities and flaws that make you who you are that makes you your perfect self?”

The show features eight episodes in the debut season, and will be available on Netflix globally on October 18th. Living With Yourself was written and created by Timothy Greenberg (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) and features multiple characters played by Paul Rudd. What more do you need?

Well. If that wasn’t enough Paul Rudd to satisfy you, here’s my favourite performance of all time. You’re welcome. Happy Friday to Paul Rudd and nobody else.