Netflix Gifted Us The First Good Peep At How Princess Diana’s Wedding Will Look In The Crown

princess diana the crown wedding dress

As we inch closer to the return of The Crown, we’re getting more sneaky peeks of what’s in store for us mere plebs with season 4. This morning, we’ve been bequeathed with a pearler, the moment we’ve all wanted to see recreated: Princess Diana in her wedding dress.

The big, boofy, cake of a dress worn by Emma Corrin for the incoming season isn’t a true replica of the one that Princess Di wore in her royal wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. Instead, costume designer Amy Roberts said that she wanted to get the same spirit and style of the original without creating a straight replica.

I think she did a pretty bang-up job tbh – the frilled, puffed sleeves, the full skirt that reminds me of whipped heavy cream, the delicate frill and lace detail that feels so utterly 80s. Extremely well done.

And look at it in comparison to the real thing that Princess Diana wore; we can’t quite see that ridiculously-long train, but it’s pretty much right on the money in terms of aesthetic.

princess diana wedding dress the crown(Image: Getty Images / Anwar Hussein)

The brief was probably like “make it big, and then go even bigger.” Because how else are you going to craft a dress fit for a princess in the gaudiness of the 80s? Add more tulle, that’s pretty much it.

And from what I can tell here, it’s one heavy-ass bitch of a gown, too.

It’s the second ~official~ glimpse we’ve gotten of Corrin in the role of Princess Diana, after pics and a short snippet of the incoming season of The Crown was shared late last month.

That little taste gave us a look at Gillian Anderson playing then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as well as a bunch of the returning cast like Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth IITobias Menzies as Prince Philip, and Helena Bonham Carter returning to her role as Princess Margaret.

The fourth season of The Crown is pinned to hit Netflix on November 15, and is reportedly set to explore Princess Diana and life her as the People’s Princess, the Prince and Princess’ tour of Australia (!!!) and New Zealand in 1983, the infamous Palace break-in, and introduce Prince Harry and Prince William to the fold.

It’s all happening, we’re getting to the Good Stuff here, so mark your calendars (if you still have one?) and get ready for another royally-solid binge sesh when The Crown hits Netflix next month.