Ahhh, Squid Game. You’re hearing it more and more these days. The South Korean survival drama has taken Netflix by storm, and if you haven’t started watching it yet, you’re simply missing out.

Squid Game is currently on its way to become Netflix’s biggest show ever, which is a huge accomplishment for a show about a bunch of folks in exorbitant amounts of debt competing in violent murder sports for money.

According to Co-CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos, Squid Game is the no.1 show across the world at the moment, and may soon overtake Bridgerton as the most-watched show on the streaming service. Now that’s something.

Now let’s get into the good stuff. What exactly is a ‘squid game’? Does it involve a bunch of squids competing for ocean supremacy?

Well, no. Squid game, the actual real-life game, is a children’s playground game in which there are offensive and defensive teams and a squid-like shape drawn on the ground.

It’s like tag, and is wildly popular in Korea. However, there is no version of squid game that exists in which people get murdered on an island for money. This much is completely made up.

Naturally, the confusion made for some fun memes online.

Without spoiling anything, the basic premise of Squid Game (the show) is that a bunch of people in insane amounts of debt get offered to go to a mysterious island and win a bunch of money.

They soon realise that every ‘game’ they participate in is an enhanced version of a children’s playground game, where the consequence for failure is straight-up death.

And every death increases the prize pool, which literally hovers above the players’ heads in a big see-through glass bowl.

It makes for some bloody scenes, not for the faint of heart, and the drama, intrigue and scheming in between these games is what is so gripping and addictive.

Episode one is where we’re introduced to the meme-worthy doll, who plays a simple game of ‘red light, green light’ with the squad, where any movement detected on a ‘red light’ call results in immediate execution.

And that’s just a taste test of what is to come. Here are some killer tweets about this iconic scene in the show, which you simply must watch if you haven’t already.

Naturally, by winning some of the games you’re inevitably sending other contestants to their deaths, which is the awful price to pay for ridiculous amounts of cash.

Everyone needs the money, and nobody wants to relinquish their position in the game.

Here are some more hilarious tweets that’ll make you shoot ink.

And finally, there’s the big old ending that has everyone and their nonna talking, but I’m not going to get into that.

Just look at all of the Twitter reactions and suss out for yourself how fucked up it all is.

You can catch Squid Game on Netflix right fkn now, and I thoroughly recommend you do. Just be warned though, if blood just isn’t your thing, maybe don’t go on this journey.

Image: Netflix