Netflix Revealed Its List Of August Releases & No, The Bingeing Never Stops

Folks, we’re nearly out of the woods. We’re almost through the winter months. So to help you knuckle down and push through the last few frigid weeks before you’re allowed to think of phrases like “wearing shorts” and “sitting outside for any longer than 10 minutes” again, the blessed and good people at Netflix Australia have unveiled their full August release schedule. And let us tell you: It’s chockas. Absolutely chock-a-block.

August will see an avalanche of new Netflix Original Content hit your streaming screens, headed up by the unveiling of Matt Groening‘s curiously-awaited new animated series Disenchantment, which arrives on August 17th.

Additionally, the already hugely controversial Insatiable arrives on August 10th, and with it a slew of hot takes is sure to follow.

As far as stand-up comedy is concerned, August sees the long-awaited arrival of specials from Demetri Martin and Bret Kreischer, as well as the second part of Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup showcase series.

And in the movie department, it’s a month for the classics. You’ve got the likes of GoodFellas and Gremlins and The Departed and Hot Fuzz and Star Trek Beyond and even The House Bunny, all set to hit screens throughout the month.

Get out yr sharpies and mark up yr diaries, mates. Big month comin’.

August 1st
Switched – Season 1
Happy Valley – Season 2
Animal Kingdom – Season 3 (weekly episodes)
Meteor Garden (weekly episodes)
The House Bunny
Edge of Fear
The Thirteenth Floor
Lakeview Terrace
Midnight Express
The Stepfather
Beverly Hills Ninja

August 2nd
Star Trek Beyond
Attack on Wall Street
The Departed

August 3rd
Cocaine Coast – Season 1
I AM A KILLER – Season 1
Marching Orders – Season 1
Shooter – Season 3 (weekly episodes)
Dinotrux Supercharged – Season 3
Brij Mohan Amar Rahe
Like Father

August 4th
Flavors of Youth – International Version
Mr. Sunshine – Season 1 (weekly episodes)
Pride & Prejudice
Charlie St. Cloud
Hot Fuzz
Tower Heist
Bring It On: In It To Win It

August 8th
Ouija: Origin of Evil

August 9th
Get Hard

August 10th
72 Dangerous Animals: Asia
Afflicted – Season 1
All About The Washingtons – Season 1
Insatiable – Season 1
La Casa De Las Flores – Season 1
Million Pound Menu – Season 1
The Ponysitters Club – Season 1
Voltron: Legendary Defender – Season 7
Demitri Martin: The Overthinker
The Package

August 14th
Who Gets The Dog?

August 15th
Adventures in Public School

August 16th
The Bodyguard
City of Angels

August 17th
Ultraviolet – Season 1
Disenchantment – Season 1
Magic for Humans – Season 1
Stay Here – Season 1
Pinky Malinky – Season 1
Spirit Riding Free – Season 6
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
The Motive

August 18th
My Sister’s Keeper

August 21st
Bates Motel – Season 5

August 22nd
Marlon – Season 2
American Honey

August 23rd
Great News – Season 1
Deadwind – Season 1
Follow This
Dirty Harry

August 24th
Ghoul – Season 1
The Innocents – Season 1
Ask the StoryBots – Season 2
Trolls: The Beat Goes On! – Season 3
Bret Kreischer: Secret Time
The After Party

August 29th
Batman and Harley Quinn

August 30th

August 31st
Inside the Criminal Mind – Season 1
Ozark – Season 2
Paradise PD – Season 1
Ultimate Beastmaster Australia: Survival of the Fittest
The Comedy Lineup – Part 2
The Laws of Thermodynamics