Netflix Releases The Data On Which Shows You Lazy Bastards Binge The Most

Netflix comes in two parts. First, there’s the service you subscribe to. You know, the ten-or-so bucks a month you pay so that you can watch Bojack Horseman while sprawled hungover on your couch eating slices of deli meat from the packet.

Then the other side is obviously the vast, vast data operation they’ve clearly got going on. They’ve probably got more knowledge of what people like to watch and how they like to watch it than basically any other company in the world. It’s like Skynet with (hopefully) fewer nuclear weapons.
They’ve released what they call the ‘binge scale’ – a bit of an insight into which shows subscribers like to watch in massive bulk binge seshes. You know, the sessions where you’re this dog:
Here’s the breakdown:
Surprisingly, all the shows you think people are bingeing like crazy – like ‘House Of Cards’ and shit like that – are kinda close to the bottom. Guess it’s just your loser liberal politics nerd friends that are going HAM on that one.
Nah, the ones that really slurp up an entire day of viewing are the thrillers, horror and sci-fi. Breaking Bad, Sense8 and Orphan Black figured quite highly. Weirdly, comedies like Bojack Horseman and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are not binge shows, which doesn’t correlate with my experience of watching semi-shitty comedies for hours on end, eyes glazed, as a single line of drool rolls out of my mouth.
So there ya go. No matter what, sitting in front of your TV for that long is a bad idea, probably. Go do some cartwheels in your backyard.
Source: Netflix.
Photo: Breaking Bad.