Netflix Reckon They Know Your Grisly Viewing Habits, Ya Insatiable Binge Lords

Netflix have analysed your streaming habits to figure what you like to stream and when, giving us something to think about next time we need to decide what to watch when we Netflix and chill, revealing there’s a preferred genre for every time of day.
The streaming giant compiled six months’ worth of viewer’s streaming data (that’s about 77 million accounts per month) to get their insights into viewing habits in our little ol’ land of Oz and around the world.
We like our comedy for breakfast, a bit of drama for lunch, some post-work evening thrills, then more laughs, all closed out with a little bit of book TV learnin’ late at night. 
So what does this actually look like? Well Netflix reckon around 6am streamers are 34% more likely to watch a comedy like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, compared to any other time of the day, which is fair enough because Titus is my daily inspo. 
Do you like to binge a bit of Orange is the New Black around lunchtime? Forty-seven percent of viewing between midday and 2pm is drama, a 5% increase on any other time of day, which doesn’t feel all that surprising, considering most commercial TV programming at that time is of the drama-repeat/soap variety. 
Thrillers like Stranger Things are watched most at about 9pm, a 27% increase on any other time of day, probably because we want to be cosy when we’re shitscared, but by 11pm it’s Aziz Ansari killing it in Master of None who we want to coo us to a smiley sleep.
And then between midnight and 6pm, when 15% of all streaming happens, people are getting their doco fix, with a 24% increase in interest in Attenborough et al at this time, with people watching Making a Murderer and waking up the next day wanting to radically change the American criminal justice system.

Image: Supplied.