Netflix’s Persuasion Starring Dakota Johnson Hath Landed And Twitter Is Ripping It To Shreds

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How do you do my fair gentlemen, gentleladies and Theyn Austens? I’m sure you’ve heard it through talk in the town, or by letter, that Dakota Johnson is starring in Netflix’s film adaptation of Jane Austen‘s Persuasion. Well, it seems the townsfolk aren’t too pleased with the movie and are dragging it for filth.

Nothing could persuade me to watch a movie more than Dakota Johnson doing an English accent while being torn between the insanely hot Henry Golding and the equally as mesmerising Cosmo Jarvis. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

However, it seems that not all is well in the world of Netflix’s Persuasion.

Before we get into why the film is being roasted, let’s watch the trailer, which is honestly fkn great.

The main problem folks are having with the flick? Well, it tries to make the language modern while keeping it set in 1817. Jane Austen did not put her whole Austenussy into this novel for us to tarnish it like this.

The film also features Dakota constantly looking into the camera directly like a Fleabag character.

Friends, Fleabag came out in 2016. We didn’t need to bring back that comedic shtick.

Let’s briefly talk about how the director thought it was a brilliant idea to remove most of the Jane Austen language from the film.

What would be better than hearing Dakota Johnson say “You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope?” Give the people what they want!

Instead, we have her saying lines like “He’s a ten. And I never trust a ten.”

I need a breather.

Despite all the hate Persuasion is getting online, it has been praised for its brilliant representation.

There are quite a few POC on the cast, which never happens in Jane Austen adaptations.

It’s a shame that so many people are ganging up on the movie while not appreciating it for what it is, but hey, criticism and praise can coexist!

Points were made here TBH.

Why didn’t they just bring the story of Persuasion into the modern world? I would have frothed the movie so hard.

Anyway, let’s look at some more memes.

Do not get between a Jane Austen fanatic and their literature, I’ll tell you what.

Some of these online reviews are absolutely scathing.

All of this hate is kind of making me want to watch the movie more. Honestly, I’ll do anything to see more Henry Golding.