Netflix has announced a minor tweak which might make life a touch easier for anyone using a shared profile – and by ‘easier’, we mean, ‘easier to hide your viewing habits from anyone else using the account.’

The streaming service today revealed that users can now remove items from the home screen’s Continue Watching row, the section which allows users to quickly return to shows they may have dropped halfway through.

On a surface level, the move will allow punters to declutter their Netflix home screens. Churned through a few eps of Too Hot To Handle, only to find it was too hot to handle? Congratulations, you can nuke that series from your Continue Watching row.

But the option also presents tantalising new options for anyone who fancies a secret binge.

If you told your partner you’d only watch Queer Eye in their company, but callously watched half of the latest season by yourself, you can now remove evidence of your crime from the Continue Watching section.

Are you living with your parents, but you don’t want them knowing about your faves? Same deal. With a few button presses, your secret TV habits will be harder for your family to find.

Folks have reacted to the update with positivity, with many freely admitting they could have used this feature a while ago.

Go forth and binge in peace, friends.